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Retirement is teamwork. It takes people working together to know which account types should be used and what assets within your portfolio will complement one another to get the job done right.

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Because some of our areas of expertise can provide insight into new tax laws and planning trends - giving you a greater chance of getting it right.

Mistakes can be difficult and time consuming to correct. Further, there may be unfortunate "look-backs" that wont expire for years, thus potentially leaving your estate exposed to unnecessary risk. We can help make sure that complex account scenarios are taken into consideration, while employing a right-the-first-time process.

Retirement Planning

Qualified plan rollover and transfer structuring for income, responsible growth and low costs.

Trust Planning

Advanced strategies for maximizing wealth transfer through the use of annuities in trusts.

Income Planning

Extending tax-deferral or providing predictable guaranteed income1, we'll provide expert guidance along the way.

Estate Planning

We can help determine how annuities may be an appropriate fit for a variety of complex, high net worth applications.

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Annuity account types…

Annuities can be used in many different scenarios

Annuities have unique benefits which give them an advantage over other asset classes.

Tax-Qualified Annuities

An annuity purchased with pre-tax dollars as part of a tax-qualified retirement plan, such as a traditional Individual Retirement Annuity/Account (IRA). May be used for a single or for two persons.

Rollover Annuities

You can take more control of your retirement assets and may want to consider the features and benefits of a rollover annuity. Protections against investment risk, death benefits and guaranteed income for life are just a few reasons why.1

Individual Annuities

An annuity purchased for a single person with after-tax dollars that is not part of a tax-qualified retirement plan. Purchase payments made to a non-qualified annuity are not tax-deductible.

Joint Annuities

An annuity option that provides annuity payments as long as the annuitant and a second person (the joint annuitant) are both alive. When either annuitant dies, annuity payments continue, as long as the survivor continues to live. Annuity payments typically end after the last survivor’s death.

Childrens' Annuities

Toys break and cash is soon spent and forgotten. Instead, give the gift of an annuity to children and grandchildren. Realize the compounding benefit of tax-deferred growth over an extended period along with guaranteed income benefits that can last a lifetime.1

Annuity Trusts

If structured properly, an annuity contract can be distributed, “in-kind,” from the trust to the trust beneficiary in a nontaxable manner. The trust beneficiaries will become the new owners of the annuities previously held in the Credit Shelter Trust for their benefit.

Preparing for retirement is more important than ever…

"Due to stock market uncertainty & longer life expectancies

Annuities can give the opportunity for significant growth in the future because of the compound effect of tax-deferral. Annuities also combat longevity risk with lifetime income protection through annuitization.

Annuities provide tax-control, so you decide when to pay taxes

One of the advantages that annuities have is that their value grows on a tax-deferred basis. That means you accumulate savings faster because the interest is added to your contract value and remains in your annuity, continuing to compound. You will only pay taxes on your interest earnings when you take withdrawals or income payouts. Note: Withdrawals of taxable amounts are subject to ordinary income tax and may be subject to a 10% federal income tax penalty if taken prior to age 59½.

Annuities offer income that lasts a lifetime (or two ;-)

Another unique feature that annuities have over other asset classes is the ability to turn your assets into a steady stream of income payments that will last for a specific period of time or for as long as you live. This income is guaranteed to remain the same, even if the market declines.