Introducing our parent company…

Robo Advisor™

Robo Advisor™ is a diversified financial services organization built upon a well-established infrastructure of core businesses dating back to 1990. Across the decades we've merged, acquired, re-branded, drank a lot of cups of coffee and missed quite a few hours of sleep. We've managed thousands of lives, from the needy to the novice, the middle class to the most financially exposed - helping to solve their toughest financial challenges.

We know that in today’s more competitive marketplace, consumers are looking for products and services that authentically deliver what they promise. With Robo Advisor™, we not only deliver excellent financial services but also go one step beyond to exceed our client’s expectations. With my.ROBOADVISOR.COM™, you'll find a personal cloud built just for you. Always there and ready to listen. Extending the "capabilities of human", our technologies are meant to enhance and support the entire process of delivering sound and reliable financial advice.

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Jeffrey J. Hovermale
Founder & CEO

A Special Invitation from our Founder & CEO to join Robo Advisor™

For more than thirty four years we've been a small company with big ideas


We've Built Our Reputation By Always Giving More…

From powerful companies to awesome brands, whatever it takes to deliver on our promises.

Robo Advisor, Inc.

Our SEC Registered Investment Advisor for partners and clients that leverages fiduciary processes to ensure the delivery of cost-effective and conflict-free financial advice.


Low-cost, responsible investing…our digital investment brand meant to aggregate our full suite of Fintech capabilities in an effort to re-define the meaning of financial advice.

Sovereign Wealth Management Group, Inc.

Our insurance agency responsible for the marketing and distribution of all traditional annuity and insurance related products.


The path to a secure future lives within guaranteed income for life. Since annuities are the only private financial mechanism that makes this possible…we spared no expense in creating an annuity delivery platform second to none.

Robo Advisor Technologies™

Our internal technology incubator charged with transforming more than thirty four years of experience and knowledge into actionable digital intelligence.

Vendor Integrations

No one has a lock on good ideas, so we believe in collaborating with other quality companies whose diversified expertise can offer greater access to our partners and clients.

Our Awesome Brands